Barry's Whopper!

Lyme Regis


Whether you are a novice or an experienced angler, looking for a 1-hour excursion or a 10-hour offshore wrecking trip, all types of deep sea fishing and scenic boat trips are available from Lyme Regis. All boats will carry good quality rods, reels and an endless supply of terminal tackle, lures and bait.

The fishing oracle on the Estate is Barry seen above with his whopping 13lb cod, caught in the Bay off Lyme. He is happy to offer advice.

Alternatively, we can also point you in the direction of the wet fish shops, where someone else has done the hard work!

If you want to wander down to the Estate beach on Charton Bay, then this is a venue for the angler that doesn’t mind a walk and who likes to fish rough ground or lure fish.

The Bay produces big Bass on both lures and bait every year! Large Bull Huss can be taken almost all year round using big Mackerel, Squid, or Cuttlefish baits. Large Ballan Wrasse can be targeted using Peeler Crab and big Ragworm Baits.

The East side of the beach has some big boulders which are visible even on high tide. This is where you want to head if lure fishing. The middle of the beach and towards the West is better for fishing large baits or targeting some specimen fish.

Because of the very rocky sea bed here, be prepared to lose some tackle!

A few Local Charter Boats…

Lyme Bay Charters

Whether you are a novice or a time served angler, they run all types of deep sea fishing and scenic boat trips.

Harry May

Harry May’s name is synonymous with Lyme Regis mackerel fishing and deep sea fishing trips.

Amaretto Sports Fishing

Not only the fastest charter boat In Lyme Regis but also the most stable and comfortable. Purpose built and equipped especially for angling with all the very latest technology and quality tackle available for hire.

West Bay Fishing

Mackerel fishing for all the family through to salty sea dogs and those wishing to have the maximum opportunity to catch a whopper!

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